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08 Apr

Frog Month Special: “Frog and Toad” by J. Patrick Lewis

April is National Frog Month!  Sure, everyone else is celebrating National Poetry Month, but I’ve been informed by J. Patrick Lewis that April is also National Frog Month, so who am I to argue? And to celebrate, Pat sent along his delightful poem “Frog and Toad,” which I am hoppy to present. Look how cute they are! (By […]

14 Aug

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight, by Penny Parker Klostermann

THIS JUST IN: BOOK GIVEAWAY AT END OF POST! Oh, sure, it’s nice to get a new book in the mail, especially if it’s written by a good friend like Penny Parker Klostermann. Unfortunately, this particular book… …comes with an incorrigible dragon, who proceeded to JUMP off the page and cause a ruckus around here. The […]

12 Jun

Children’s Poem “Nobody’s Pet” by Deborah Ruddell

Today we add the 100th video to the No Water River library!  And doing the honors for us is the lovely and ever-delightful poet … Deborah Ruddell! WHOO! I feel like I should send her a lifetime’s supply of Turtle Wax or a new dinette set! I am thrilled to see the video library grow […]

01 Feb

Poetry Friday: “The Catnap: a poem for two voices”

It’s a meowerful day! And I’ve got another peek at my work day, this time regarding the writing of a poem for two voices. It’s the only one I’ve written to date, but definitely a form I’d like to try again considering its extra-meowerful potential for performance. Anyone who’s seen my blog knows how strongly […]

18 Jun

Poetry Monday: “Flybrows” by Joe Mohr

Recently I started the “steal your nose and throw it away” thing with my little guys, and now I am accosted every morning by little hands trying to actually rip the nose off my face and throw it on the floor. And they don’t seem to understand that I have but one nose, and once […]

17 Feb

Perfect Picture Book Friday: I Want My Hat Back

No one loves subversive humor and absurd twists more than I, so imagine my surprise when I found both these things in a picture book. Who would have thought? Well, Jon Klassen, that’s who! And he’s given us all the gift of his dark tale of intrigue, loss, despair, and redemption…or is it revenge? Possibly […]

03 Feb

Perfect Picture Book Friday: I Took the Moon for a Walk

I Took the Moon for a Walk by Carolyn Curtis, Alison Jay

Like most little girls, I thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. I loved her cat-eye glasses and how her toes turned out when she click-clacked along in her heels, and I tried to imitate that in my white patent leathers. But I especially remember her fingernails, and admired how she’d […]

27 Jan

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin

Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin by Lloyd Moss, Marjorie Priceman

Music has been a part of my life since I was born. My father had a wonderful tenor voice, and when he wasn’t bursting into song around the house, he was singing with his barbershop chorus, sparkly blue tux and all. My older brother played trombone and guitar; I played the clarinet and a (very) […]

23 Jan

Poetry Monday: “This Pig’s Got the Blues”

This Pig's Got the Blues

Whenever I pass a piano, I get this twinge of longing, a desire to flip my tux tails up, settle in on the sleek black bench, and tease out some glorious classical tune or pound out Maple Leaf Rag. My muscles actually twitch and I think, “This time I’ll just do it…” — but then […]

20 Jan

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman

You know what we like around our house? BEARS! We like stuffed bears and real bears at the zoo and bears on our pajamas and bears in the bathtub and Italian Bear nella Grande Casa Blu who sniffs us through the TV. We like playing with bear puzzles and hugging giant bears in the toy […]