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13 May

A MORNING WITH GRANDPA by Sylvia Liu + Giveaway!

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY WINNER Congratulations to PATRICIA NOZELL! You’ve won a shiny new copy of A Morning with Grandpa! Once upon a time… in a Facebook critique group far, far away, there wrote and drew a talented, poetic girl named Sylvia Liu.  Now, this writer/artist wasn’t just any ordinary writer/artist. This girl had poetry in her soul and she […]

07 Feb

Poetry Friday: Announcing The Lyrical Language Lab Online Course (and Giveaway!)

UPDATE – FEBRUARY 21: THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winner will be announced later today. Thank you for your interest and good luck! I’m back! (Almost.) Hello, friends. Welcome to another Poetry Friday roundup! I’m trying out a thumbnail linky list, so please add your link, image, and short title to the list at […]

29 Jan

Blog Tour! “Soccer Ball” by Joan Bransfield Graham + Giveaway!

A sports-loving boy who can’t stop writing poetry? That sounds like a great premise for a book! Gee, I’m surprised no one has written that yet…oh, wait! Someone has! And it’s Joan Bransfield Graham! Joan’s new book came out just yesterday, and I’m pleased to be part of the blog tour for it, which was kicked […]

31 Oct

Halloweensie Contest: “Pumpkinseed McCrackle” by the Resident Ghoul

BOO! It’s that time of year again, when kiddies of all ages sicken themselves with candy corn and creep about in the dead of early evening, and zombie writers enter Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest. But wait! Speaking of Susanna Hill and scary things, I must interrupt this program to mention her fabulous online picture book […]

17 Dec

Holiday Contest: “Holidaze! or, Santy Claws Gnu What Eye Kneaded”

 Holiday Contest! Astounding! This is the third contest hosted by Susanna Hill that I’ve entered this year! How do I do it? I do not know. This time it’s the 2nd Annual Holiday Contest, with these guidelines: no more than 350 words the poem or story must start with “Dashing through the snow in a one-horse […]

23 Nov

Poetry Friday: And the Crowd Goes Wild Poet-a-Palooza!

UPDATE: The winners of the ATCGW giveaway are: Susanna H. Brenda H. Congrats, ladies! *** WELCOME TO ANOTHER NO WATER RIVER POET-A-PALOOZA! featuring the producers and some poetry stars of TODAY’S EVENTS WARM-UP: Notes from the Sidelines SCRIMMAGE: What Makes this Anthology a Slam Dunk? MAIN EVENT: A Homerun Interview with CAROL-ANN HOYTE and HEIDI BEE ROEMER EXHIBITION […]

31 Oct

Halloweensie Contest: ’round the moonlit town

Halloweensie Contest! Amazingly, I have managed to enter yet another of Susanna Hill’s contests — that’s two in one year! This time it’s the Halloweensie contest, with these guidelines: no more than 100 words the words bat, witch, and trick or treat must appear in the story or poem the entry must appeal to kids […]

22 Oct

Poetry Monday: The Poetry Friday Anthology Poet-a-Palooza!

WELCOME TO THE INAUGURAL NO WATER RIVER POET-A-PALOOZA! featuring the prolific producers and some poetry stars of TODAY’S MENU AMUSE BOUCHE: Introduction to Grazing APPETIZER: What Makes This Anthology So Delicious? ENTRÉE: A Meaty Interview with SYLVIA VARDELL and JANET WONG DESSERT: Four slices of video poetry pie in four flavors: JANE YOLEN  ~  KEN SLESARIK  ~ […]

12 Oct

Poetry Friday: “Idunno” by Carrie Finison + Lizard Lou Giveaway!

"Idunno" by Carrie Finison

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: The winner of a copy of Lizard Lou is… HANNAH HOLT! Congrats, Hannah! A book will be sent to you by the publisher. I hope you and your kids enjoy it! PHEW! GLAD YOU FOUND US! Today’s guest and I have been wandering around all discombobulated, bumping into furniture and whatnot, so it’s […]

20 Apr

Poetry Month 2012: Irene Latham

Irene Latham

[heading style=”1″]Poetry Month 2012: EPISODE 7[/heading] Have you signed up for the giveaway of the gorgeous book The House by J. Patrick Lewis and Roberto Innocenti? Well, why not? *** Get your goggles and swim trunks on, folks, because today’s poet takes us into the watery world of dolphins to teach us how to spin! […]