Category: Poetry Is…

06 Aug

Poetry Is…a Journey, with B.J. Lee

At long last, I’m so pleased to present the fourth installment of the “Poetry Is…” series! This series is an occasional feature written by a guest poster who may or may not have anything to do with the world of kidlit on a professional basis, but who has some sort of special relationship with and story […]

29 Mar

Poetry Friday: Poetry Is…Forgiving, with Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

Time for another installment of the “Poetry Is…” series! Today I have children’s writer and pal Elizabeth Stevens Omlor, who has catapulted to fame with her blog, Banana Peelin’. What? You don’t know it? Hie thee thither, then, friends! Especially if you love to laugh at other people’s misfortunes. You see, Elizabeth oozes so much […]

08 Feb

Poetry Friday: Poetry Is…Magniful, with Erik the Great

Back in November, I featured the first installment of the “Poetry Is…” series. At the time, I wrote that I hoped the series would be an opportunity for us to connect with poetry readers and those who write just for the joy of it, and to see “poetry in action” and how it can affect people. For this […]

30 Nov

Poetry Friday: Poetry Is…a Treasure Hunt, with Darlene Gifford

Introducing a new series… About six months ago I got an email from a lady named Darlene Gifford who wanted to share some of her poems with me. We started chatting via email, and before I knew it, Darlene had given me an idea for a new blog feature. The “Poetry Is…” series will be […]