Category: Poetry Revision

15 Nov

Poetry Friday: Storytime with Iza Trapani and LITTLE MISS MUFFET

Time for a curds and whey break with Iza Trapani! I virtually met Iza early on in my kidlit travels in January 2012, and she made me feel right at home. In fact, Iza was my second guest on NWR with her poem “Grins and Giggles” and a vintage “snickerview,” which I hope you’ll check […]

31 Oct

Halloweensie Contest: “Pumpkinseed McCrackle” by the Resident Ghoul

BOO! It’s that time of year again, when kiddies of all ages sicken themselves with candy corn and creep about in the dead of early evening, and zombie writers enter Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest. But wait! Speaking of Susanna Hill and scary things, I must interrupt this program to mention her fabulous online picture book […]

09 Aug

Poetry Friday Roundup: Poetry Catch of the Day

Hello, worms and wormettes!  I’ve missed you! Although I’m still on blogging hiatus until September, I just had to row the boat back in real quick to host your wonderful poetry today. Leave your bait in the comments and I’ll reel you all in throughout the day. I have been a busy fish. A large project […]

22 Mar

Poetry Friday: The Writing of “Anthem” for March Madness 2013

March Madness Continues! Round 3 of March Madness 2013 Poetry Tournament is up for voting with some really superb poems. I’m pretty excited to have gotten through another level, since I was booted in Round 2 last year. My word for this round is BIFURCATE, an assignment that engendered much hilarity on Facebook. If you haven’t […]

15 Mar

Poetry Friday: The Writing of “Elegy for a Daffodil” for March Madness 2013

March Madness Has Sprung! As most of you probably know by now, the March Madness 2013 Poetry Tournament is in full swing! Devised by the ingenious Ed DeCaria at ThinkKidThink!, the game involves sixty-four poets who have written sixty-four poems for Round 1, all of which can be read and voted upon from the comfort of this […]