A Thing or Two About Renée

Who/What Is Renée?

Renée reading from Lizard Lou ~ Piombino, Italy ~ July 2011
  • editor
  • children’s writer
  • language lover
  • video maker
  • poetry blogger
  • sweet tooth battle-loser
  • enthusiastic baker (see above)
  • candlestick maker (yeah, not really)
  • former theater dweller
  • current improvisation/acting teacher
  • lover of show tunes (see above)
  • self-taught sewer/costume maker
  • former English/theater/public speaking teacher
  • expat in Italy
  • wife to Italian guy (hence above)
  • mom to twin boys + one little girl (outcome of above)
  • lover of travel and road trips
  • homebody/nester (despite above)
  • chorus-singing soprano
  • world’s smallest wardrobe record holder
  • clothes shopping abhorer (hence above)
  • book shopping adorer
  • do-it-yourselfer
  • easy weeper (can’t help it)
  • wheezy sweeper (allergies)

A More Serious Bio

Renee-LaTulippe-bio-picRENÉE M. LATULIPPE 

has co-authored nine award-winning early readers (Moonbeam Children’s Books Silver Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Awards), a collection of poetry titled Lizard Lou: a collection of rhymes old and new (Moonbeam Children’s Books Silver Award for poetry) for All About Learning Press, where she is also the editor. She also has poems published in the National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry (ed. J. Patrick Lewis), One Minute Till Bedtime (ed. Kenn Nesbitt), Poems Are Teachers (ed. Amy Ludwig VanDerwater), The Poetry Friday Anthology Middle SchoolScience, and Celebrations editions (ed. Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong), and these forthcoming anthologies: National Geographic’s The Poetry of Us: More than 200 poems that celebrate the people, places, and passions of the United States (ed. J. Patrick Lewis); School People and Night Wishes (ed. Lee Bennett Hopkins).

Renée developed and teaches the online course The Lyrical Language Lab: Punching Up Prose with Poetry and blogs on children’s poetry at NoWaterRiver.com. She earned her BFA in acting/directing from Marymount Manhattan College and her MA in English Education from NYU; worked and played in the theater for almost two decades; and taught English, theater arts, and public speaking in NYC. She lives in Italy with her husband, twin boys, and baby daughter.

Renée is represented by Elizabeth Harding of Curtis Brown, Ltd.

AUTHOR SITE: www.reneelatulippe.com
FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/NoWaterRiver
TWITTER: @ReneeMLaTulippe

Business/Legal stuff
Copyright info: All copyrights to my original work are held by me or All About Learning Press, Inc. I’d be thrilled if you shared my work with others, but please do ask first before reposting anything to your own blog. Thank you!


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