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Melancholy Swine by Dave LaTulippe
Melancholy Swine by Dave LaTulippe


  • Dear Renee: I just discovered NWR–wish I had before! I have 22 published books, four of which are adult poetry titles but 17 of which are for kids, including one poetry collection (” Dark-Sparkle Tea” from Wordsong) and two that include and are about poetry: “Basho and the Fox,” “Basho and the River Stones.” The former was one of three California Young Readers Medal winners, and the latter made the New York Times Bestseller List for children’s books and was read aloud by Daniel Pinkwater on NPR’s “Weekend Edition.” Would you kindly consider adding me to your wonderful list of poets for children?

    I appreciate your time and trouble!

    Tim J. Myers

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