Halloween 2015: “Midnight Meeting” by David L. Harrison and The Resident Ghoul




It’s that time of year again, when kiddies of all ages, but especially non-calendar-reading five-year-olds, pester the living daylights out of their parents with the incessant question “Is it Halloween yet?” and zombie writers enter Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest. The guidelines this year are:

littlewitchno more than 100 words
littlewitchthe words costume, dark, and haunt must appear in the story or poem
littlewitchthe entry must appeal to kids
littlewitchthe entry must involve coercing a fellow writer into wearing a costume and cackling maniacally (okay, that’s not really a guideline, but if it were, I would win)

My last Halloweensie adventure was way back in 2013 with Pumpkinseed McCrackle, so I figured I’d have to do it up right this year — and who better to help bring out my inner ghoul than my fabulous boofriend David L. Harrison!

And boy, can that guy bring the cackle! He started us off with his witch stanza, then I jumped in with a vampire stanza. Then of course we knew the whole thing wouldn’t be complete without costumes and special lighting effects.


I dunno, I think this is a good look for me, and of course David looks great in any old rag he throws on. The boys weren’t too sure about either one of us, but what do they know about Halloween? They’re five.

Anyboo, we cooked up a “Midnight Meeting” in our cauldron!

(click graphic to enlarge)poem-graphic1

And alas — I have to auto-disqualify us for going over the word limit, and probably for also exceeding the creepy quotient. But be sure to check out the other rule-following spooky delights right here at Susanna’s place. Or better yet, join in the fun! The DEADline is October 30 at midnight!


Extra spooks

In case you need some extra creepy, here’s the annual screening of the Three Witches from Macbeth. But guess what? David also did a three witches video, and I’m telling you that man wins the cackle contest hands down! Give it a listen…

My own video has almost 25,000 views on YouTube, with Comment Critics giving it rave reviews like “kitsch and cliché” and “Right. Ya. A bit over the top.” Thanks, YouTubers! You get me — you really get me!

By the way, David will be back here in February with a poem from his forthcoming book Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Poems about Creatures that Hide. Maybe he’ll come dressed as a creepy bug! We can only hope.


Have a BOOTIFUL day! 

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See more poems in my poetry video library.

“Midnight Meeting” © 2015 David L. Harrison and Renée M. LaTulippe. All rights reserved. 

Video and post content © 2015 Renée M. LaTulippe. All rights reserved.




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  1. Bravo, Bravo!! How splendidly spooky, how ghoulishly gauche! You’ve outdone yourselves, Renee and David!!

    Thank you for the spooktacular spectacle!

    *runs away screaming*

  2. It’s a frightfully ghoulish way to greet Monday morning, but I won’t be going out to get the paper until the sun is up. Mysterious creatures may already have started to come to this party! Thanks, Renee and David!

  3. You should see the video on my large screen i Mac with its great sound system! Renee, your enunciation was superb and David your synchronization with Renee’s pace was perfect! Loved the facial expressions while both of you listened to the other recite. The continuity was startling since you were on two continents.
    This participation is a classic. Hope it goes viral!

    1. Jeanne, isn’t it marvelous that we have the technology to do something like this? Skype has never served me better, especially with such a talented vampire sitting at the Italian end!

  4. Love love love this! Great job, David and Renee…you guys are a terrifyingly talented two-some!
    And thanks for all the video clips…I’ve got my Halloween entertainment right here. 🙂

  5. So I Just had time for one of the vids earlier? Now witnessned the three witches of Shakespear?

    Plus reading all the fun comments? Oh MY INTRAILS!

    I am so impressed. I hope it goes viral as well. I shared to twitter and both my facebook pages. You two are a double scream but you knew that, right?

    I’m coming back for more later. This is a blast!

  6. You two are incredible! I now wish and don’t wish that you both lived on my street. Scary…but what a blast! I love the poem and videos and trip back in time and tip my witch hat to you. And I am a BIG fan of that Macbeth video, Renee! xx

  7. It may be creepy, and I may not read it to my 5-year-old, but I love it and would certainly recommend it for anyone looking for a spooky poem to set them on the edge of their seat.

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