Halloweensie Contest: ’round the moonlit town

Halloweensie Contest!

Amazingly, I have managed to enter yet another of Susanna Hill’s contests — that’s two in one year! This time it’s the Halloweensie contest, with these guidelines:

      • no more than 100 words
      • the words bat, witch, and trick or treat must appear in the story or poem
      • the entry must appeal to kids
      • there will be prizes (okay, that’s not a guideline but…THERE WILL BE PRIZES!)

So here is my 95-word entry. Be sure to check out the other spooky delights right here at Susanna’s place. Or better yet, join in the fun!


’round the moonlit town

‘Twas a frightful Halloween night
when witches gather at the cauldron
and ghostly ghoulies, white and bald, run
’round the moonlit town.

‘Twas eight when Eddy swooped down low
to hunt among the bats and wizards–
a vulture with a taste for gizzards,
wearing night’s black gown.

‘Twas ten when Eddy winged back home,
his trick-or-treat bag overflowing,
and there met brother Grover, glowing
in his kingly crown.

‘Twas midnight when the brothers two,
so sweetly sick and sticky-grinning
laid aside their beak and crown
and dreamed of ghostly ghoulies spinning
‘round the moonlit town.



Extra spooks

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Even more spooks

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