Highlights Poetry Workshop Announcement!


Let it out at this fabulous poetry workshop designed for everyone from budding poets to published veterans. Held at the Highlights Foundation in Pennsylvania and led by everyone’s favorite cowboy David L. Harrison, the “Poetry for the Delight of It” workshop promises to be a hoot and a holler — not to mention a valuable opportunity to hone your skills and pick up pearls of wisdom from one of the top children’s poets in the country.

So why am I announcing the workshop on my blog? Funny you should ask! Apart from the fact that it will be an amazing experience for all who attend, take a look at the list of guest speakers:

J. Patrick Lewis
U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate (via Skype)
Pat will be popping in to read, discuss, and answer questions.

Rebecca Davis
editor at WordSong, the only imprint in the United States dedicated to children’s poetry
Rebecca will talk about what editors look for in a poetry manuscript and answer all your questions.

Renée LaTulippe (that’s me!)
That’s right! I will be Skyping in to help David during his session “Becoming Better Readers of Our Work.” I’ll be on hand to give tips on performing poetry, answer questions, and have a bit of fun with the participants’ poems.

I am honored, thrilled, and generally tickled all shades of pink to have been asked to be a guest at this marvelous workshop. Of course, I would give my left arm (the one I don’t write with) to be there in person and take advantage of all the great sessions David has planned, but that may have to wait another year. In the meantime…YAY!

All the pertinent info is listed here on the Highlights website, but here’s a quick teaser of what will be covered at the workshop:

  • getting ideas for poems
  • rough drafting
  • verse vs. free verse
  • fun firelight readings
  • revising and rewriting
  • poetic techniques
  • marketing tips
  • poetry reading and performance
  • one-on-one critiques with David

And if that’s not enough enticement, repeat participant Joy Acey also tells me that the cabins are fabulous, there’s a gourmet chef to fill everyone’s tummies, and opportunities abound for midnight pantry raids (that’s PANTRY with an “r”).

I want to go! You should go! What a gift.

I’m so excited, I wrote a little ditty about it – just for the delight of it!


P articipate
O bserve
E ngage
T antalize
R evise
Y ank a page.

O utdo
R uminate
K nit ideas
S ocialize
H armonize
O rchestrate
P oetize

 If you have any questions about the workshop or want a complete breakdown of events by day, let me know or contact David through his website.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Oh this sounds SO good! Renee, forget skyping. Can’t you come in person? If you do, I’ll attend the workshop. We could even share a room and have a pajama party! You don’t snore, do you? 🙂

    1. Good grief! Between the pajama party and the pantry raids, the temptation are TOO MUCH!!!!

      I just don’t think I can manage for this one, but if David does one the following year….

      Boo! I wanna go!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!

    This workshop will be epic – a hoot and a holler indeed! I predict marvelous things will emerge from this gathering.

    And Iza has the best idea ever – please come stateside!

    1. Would love to, Cathy, to meet all you fabulous ladies! Besides having a great time, though, I’ve heard from several past participants that David puts on one heck of a workshop – so go if you can swing it!

  3. I saw this last night via FB by hunting through the offerings!! I saw one in May, too. I need to figure out the cost, but I am in!! Can’t you fly over? I live “close” enough to the location, so that is not a problem for me and this looks so good!!

  4. I’d give my left arm too. Seriously, I need to raise funds. I might try getting some freelance work. I have to go but. I also have childcare problems, no family around here 🙁

    I’ll get my thinking cap on. Thanks Renee!

  5. I have always wanted to go to a Highlights Foundation Workshop of some kind! How cool that you’re going to be there on Skype! I’m with Iza – if you could actually come to PA, I would come too – Honesdale is only 2-3 hours from my house! How much fun would that be?!

  6. I don’t snore either, not that anyone asked. But I’m looking forward to having you join the fun in Honesdale, Renee, even if you have to do it through the magic of Skype. You’re going to be a big hit!


  7. Oh, fun fun fun! Life doesn’t get a whole lot better than a Highlights Founders workshop (especially in poetry – I’ve been to two! and met David at one.). Congrats, Renee, that you’ll be one of the special guests for this one – the attendees will be lucky!

    AND, if/when you do jump over for a stateside visit, do let us know in time that all of us PF folks can meet up with you.

  8. The workshop shop sounds fabulous…snore or no snore! And you will be a highlight at Highlights for sure, Renee!!!

    I snore on occasion…I’m told by my husband…but I’m not sure I believe him 🙂 I mean what occasion calls for snoring anyway????

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