POEMS ABOUT NATURE by Buffy Silverman

Spring is finally spronging here in Italy and our daisies are busting out all over.

Daisies watching the sunset.

So I thought there’s no better time to feature one of my favorite nature poets, someone who could put the petal to the nettle and get this season started.

Yes, it’s our own damselfly lady…

Buffy Silverman!

As many of you know, Buffy’s beautiful poem picture book On a Snow-Melting Day: Seeking Signs of Spring was published last year by Millbrook Press. If you don’t know about it, then you are missing out on some

crocus-poking, mud-luscious enjoyment. (Kirkus starred review)

Just look at the daze-dazzling beauty of these spreads and Buffy’s playful word wrangling.

from ON A SNOW-MELTING DAY by Buffy Silverman (Millbrook Press, 2020)

While we don’t get slip-sloppy slush in my area of Italy, we do have plenty of plink-plonking water and countless duck-dabblers…

from ON A SNOW-MELTING DAY by Buffy Silverman (Millbrook Press, 2020)

…though in my garden, we’re more likely to get mud-mucking magpies, slop-slovenly seagulls, and lots of these scamper-scuttling lizards in the jasmine. Isn’t he cute?

Umberto (Renée’s garden lizard)

If you haven’t done so already, go on out and pick up Buffy’s book. These sweet purple flowers are waiting to give you a special message!

from ON A SNOW-MELTING DAY by Buffy Silverman (Millbrook Press, 2020)

And guess what? Buffy herself is also here with MORE gorgeous nature poems and luscious language. Let’s listen in…

These poems were first printed in magazines with these stunning illustrations and photos. Have a gander!

A big THANKS! to Buffy for stopping by to share her love of nature with us!

What’s that? You need more Buffy? Luckily she’s easy to find since she has many fabulous poems in these wonderful anthologies!

Now off you go, skip-skittering to Reading to the Core where Catherine is hosting Poetry Friday!

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