Poetry Friday: “I’d Like to Have a Little Yard”

Summer Wishin’

The heat is hotting up like mad,
my sweaty socks are squishin’,
so until September comes again
consider me…


Yup, I’ve got some projects and blog improvements and poetry videos and lounging on the beach that I’d like to dedicate some time to, so I am saying so long for a spell. Although I may pop in now and again, I won’t return to my regular scheduled programming until September 3.

But I would never leave you without a poem, especially on Poetry Friday! So in honor of my need for more time to hug some trees and talk to the animals, I’m sharing with you one of the poems I wrote for Lizard Lou. I hope you enjoy this little preschool ditty about filling your life with neighing, squawking, mooing, baaing, oinking friends.

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I’d Like to Have a Little Yard

I’d like to have a little yard,
something very small,
just big enough to put a horse
and a cozy little stall.

I’d get a goat to put inside
to keep him company,
and they could neigh and bleat all day
in perfect harmony.

We’d need a goose to put in there,
a bunny rabbit, too.
And maybe just one other thing…
a thing that might say “Moo.”

With all of us together there,
I think we’d have a ball.
Perhaps that little yard I’d like
won’t be so small at all.

Extension Activities: “I’d Like to Have a Little Yard”

See you in September!

See you soon, neigh….bor!

Video Location: Cicada territory, Tuscan hillside, Italy.

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