Poetry Friday: Poetry Is…Forgiving, with Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

Poetry Is...with Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

Time for another installment of the “Poetry Is…” series!

Today I have children’s writer and pal Elizabeth Stevens Omlor, who has catapulted to fame with her blog, Banana Peelin’. What? You don’t know it? Hie thee thither, then, friends! Especially if you love to laugh at other people’s misfortunes. You see, Elizabeth oozes so much charm that famous children’s writers open their hearts and poor out their souls right there on her blog. They tell us all about their most embarrassing moments on the road to publication — their “banana peel moments” as Elizabeth calls them — so that we may avoid these pitfalls and pratfalls on our own journeys. The blog is a treasure trove of cautionary tales and established writers that we get to laugh at with.

Take it away, Elizabeth!

orange gerbera

by Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

To me, poetry is… FORGIVING.  Why, whatever does she mean? you ask. Well, lemme tell ya.

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care WHO you are.

Mostly Monsterly by Tammi Sauer
from MOSTLY MONSTERLY by Tammi Sauer, illustrations by Scott Magoon

Don’t tell me you didn’t know MONSTERS wrote poetry!

roses are red
violets are blue
in this card
i went ACHOO!

(By the way, Mostly Monsterly should be owned by you and 23 of your closest friends!)

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care WHAT you write about.

shower haiku

This is one of the seven haikus my husband wrote and left for me to discover in strategic places on Valentine’s Day.

Scrub a dub dub
Beautiful skin
you caress
I love you so much!!!

This one was left by our shower in the early morning. He’s silly. =)

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care WHEN you write it.

Erik and Walt Whitman

 Age doesn’t matter!
(If you don’t know about Erik, find him on his blog, This Kid Reviews Books, and on his own NWR Poetry Is post. He says poetry is MAGNIFUL. I think HE is magniful!)

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care WHERE you write it.


Sometimes the beauty is easy
Sometimes you don’t have to try at all
Sometimes you can hear the wind blow
in a handshake
Sometimes there’s poetry
written right on the 
bathroom wall

Nuff said.

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care WHY you write it.

Bacon. Mmmm….

Poetry is forgiving. It doesn’t care  HOW you write it.


To clothe the fiery thought
In simple words succeeds,
For still the craft of genius is
To mask a king in weeds.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poetry is forgiving. It just cares that you love it.

orange gerbera

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Stevens Omlor loves slipping on banana peels. She has at least one slip a day, physically or verbally. She loves writing for children, although she has recently discovered she is a delusional rhymer. When she isn’t writing for children, you can find her having a kitchen dance party with her husband and two young children or drinking a large glass of milk. She loves milk. Yum. Especially when it’s in chocolate. She blogs about all of this here on her very slippery site!




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