Jake the Snake by Renee LaTulippe, illustration by Dave LaTulippe

Poetry Monday: “Jake the Snake”


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About today’s poem:
“Jake the Snake” appears in the early reader What Am I? For this poem, I had to work with a word list featuring long vowel sounds and words with vowel-consonant-e constructions, like snake and glide. Sometimes these things just write themselves. Enjoy (and check out the illustration below)!

Jake the Snake

twist and

I am Jake the Snake.

I can hide in the shade of a rose,
pile up with my pals and pretend to be a hose,
smell a smell and not even use my nose…
can you?

I can scrape my side on a hot broken rock,
shed my skin like a slung-off sock,
make kids gasp and stare in shock…
can you?

slink and

I am Jake the Snake.

I can bend my spine into lots of shapes,
gulp an egg or a bunch of grapes,
chase an insect up the drapes…
can you?

I can make my home in holes and caves,
slink and slide and swell like waves,
scare a brave man while he shaves…
can you?

I am silent, swift, and wise,
my stripes are white and just my size,
my fangs protect me in the grass,
my scales shine in the sun like glass.
I am a snake, I will not hide –
not myself and not my pride!

twist and

I am Jake the Snake.


Jake the Snake illustration by Dave LaTulippe
Jake the Snake ~ Illustration by Dave LaTulippe
Jake the snake, embroidered
Yes, I embroidered the snake

Snake Activities for “Jake the Snake”

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Video Location
Scarlino, Italy. In a pine wood by the sea.

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