Poetry Monday: “Sick Day”

Sick Day

Kind and gentle readers,
I beg you to forgive,
I’m writing from my sickbed —
I hope that I will live!

For days I’ve eaten nothing
but a squalid chicken broth
and crept around the house
like an emaciated sloth.

So I couldn’t do a video —
I’m unfit for tender eyes!
My nose is a dirigible,
I look a downright prize.

No, no — please hold your pity
I know this too shall pass,
I’ll once again be chipper
as a cricket in the grass.

Forgive my Monday silence
and my crimes of rhyme and meter…
I’m off to huddle in a heap
against my friend, the heater.

[heading style=”1″]BLAH![/heading]

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  1. Get well soon, Renee!

    If you can pop out the phrase “emaciated sloth”, you must still be doing okay, unless said emaciated sloth is a poetic parasite that has taken over your brain.


  2. We hate that you are feeling sick
    and hope our words will cure your ick.
    Without your vid–our Monday’s bleak.
    So please get well before next week!!! 🙂

    Feel better Friend! 🙂

  3. squalid broth, emaciated sloth, and a dirigible nose. hmmm…thems some pretty fancy words, little lady! GET WELL SOON!

  4. Your nose will run, your eyes will weep.
    Go crawl off and get some sleep.
    Drink some broth that’s not so foul,
    Wash your face with a warm, soft towel.

    That’s all I’ve got and now one kid is hungry and the other is bleeding so ta ta!

    Feel better!

  5. I’m not sure I’m ready for a verse, my words might simply make you worse, so here’s a wish to get well quick, I’m sorry that you’ve been very sick!

  6. Alas alack! You’ve fallen ill?
    Slurp a syrup! Pop a pill!

    Crank up the humidifier!
    Crawl to bed and just retire.

    What’s that? I heard a little peep.
    “Mommy? Are you still asleep?”

    Hope you’re all soon on the mend.
    Wish you wellness, my good friend!

  7. Sorry you are sick! I am sending you cyber chicken soup to make you feel better!
    You poem was great! I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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