"Hearts" by Deborah Ciolli

Poetry Monday Valentine’s Day Contest: “Pencil and Pen – A Composed Love Story”

Hi there! Hope I didn’t spook anyone by showing up in your mailbox a whole day early, but it’s a special occasion!

I’m not much for entering contests, and writing contests in particular usually make me shudder. There’s nothing like a story starter or writing prompt or rigid set of rules to make by brain seize up and all creativity flow directly out of my socks.

"Hearts" by Deborah Ciolli
"Hearts" by Deborah Ciolli

But today I am making an exception, because Susanna Leonard Hill wants me to. She’s gone and put up a contest that piqued my interest, darn it! I had no choice but to rise to the challenge. To whit:

Write a children’s story, poetry or prose, about unlikely Valentines.
Maximum 200 words.

That’s it! I can handle that!


And on February 14: GO HERE TO VOTE

Now gather ’round, get cozy with your teddy bears, and enjoy my little ditty of 187 words: “Pencil and Pen: A Composed Love Story.”

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Pencil and Pen: A Composed Love Story

Said Pen to Pencil, casually:
What do you think of you and me?

Said Pencil, in a righteous huff:

You? You’re too indelible!
I really couldn’t deal.
You put things down on paper
that then you can’t repeal!

I find that irresponsible!
Take heed of this one phrase:
You’ll never, ever win me
till you mend your inky ways.

Said Pen to Pencil, low and gruff:

And you, my dear? Irresolute!
You clearly can’t commit.
You hem and haw, then turn around
and rub out what you writ!

You can’t be trusted, fickle one,
your word is a disgrace,
so any thoughts you had of love
you might as well erase.

Imperious! You cad!

Precarious! You’re mad!


Said Pen:
I find you irresistible,
you gorgeous graphite girl.
He drew a heart around her
in an everlasting swirl.

Said Pencil:
I think you might be lovable;
I think it’s you I choose.
Then she colored in his heart
with a million subtle hues.

They’ve been together ever since,
their lives one long embrace,
and raised eight little scribbles
in their blissful, cozy case.[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]

"Warriors of Love" by Deborah Ciolli
"Warriors of Love" by Deborah Ciolli

Valentine’s Day + Pencil and Pen Activities

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“Pencil and Pen: A Composed Love Story” Copyright © 2012 Renée LaTulippe
Ceramics by Deborah Ciolli. I’ll be interviewing Deborah and her crazy cats next week!