Poetry Monday: “If I Were an Ocelot”

If I Were an Ocelot by Renee LaTulippe

Ocelot eating tasty slugs with pasta sauce. Illustration by Donna Goeddaeus.

If I Were an Ocelot

If I were an ocelot,
I’d sleep the livelong day.
I’d curl up in the moss a lot
or in a bale of hay.

If I were an ocelot,
I’d dine upon the heath,
and I’d be sure to floss a lot,
so I’d never lose my teeth.

If I were an ocelot,
I’d snack on leaves and bugs.
I’d eat tomato sauce a lot
on tasty little slugs.

If I were an ocelot,
I’d get a catnip ball
that I’d be sure to toss a lot
against the garden wall.

And if I were an ocelot,
I’d never pick a fight.
I’d surely not be cross a lot,
and never, ever bite.

Video Location
Suvereto, Italy. Aldobrandeschi Castle (La Rocca), 10th-12th century.

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Poem by Renée LaTulippe. Illustration by Donna Goeddaeus. Licensed by All About Learning Press, Inc. Copyright © 2010, 2011 All About Learning Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  No portion of this material may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated, or otherwise used without the express written approval of All About Learning Press, Inc.

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  1. Love the flossing part. Not so big on the slugs with or without pasta sauce. That’s just if I were an ocelot – one of my favorite animals.

  2. This is so cute. I have a cat that seems like the size on an ocelot so I had to check this poem out. My cat actually does like to have his teeth brushed and he’d probably like slugs and pasta sauce.

  3. Such a lovely vlog! Love the alliteration and the rhythm to your work!

    My DD is into creating “Scranimals” a la Jack Prelutsky, and she’s hurrying off to create some type of ‘ocelotapus’ LOL

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