Poetry Monday: “Sunshine Face”

Sunshine Face

However did you get so tall?
You’re many times the size of me.
From where I stand down by your roots
you’re less a flower, more a tree.

And what’s it like to stand so proud,
to fill the fields with gold?
Turning, turning to the sun,
your colors bright and bold.

I love your petals, long as day,
unfolding in the breeze.
Why, I think they make the perfect
playground for the bumblebees.

I’d like to take you home with me,
you and all your friends,
and watch you fold back into sleep
when your daylight vigil ends.

But I suppose it’s just as well
you won’t fit inside my vase…
I’m more content to come outside
to see your sunshine face.

photo by Maria Carreras ~ Andalucia, Spain


Video Location
Piombino, Italy. An obliging field of sunflowers.

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“Sunshine Face” © 2011 Renée LaTulippe

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    1. Thanks, Joanna! I know what you mean about the sunflower fields — every year, my husband and I travel all the back roads through the fields, but this was the first time I actually infiltrated one, haha!

  1. A lovely poem. Kansas has some lovely sunflower fields and I saw many in Tanzania too. For some reason, the audio didn’t work for the video. I tried several things. It’s probably my computer. And, how wonderful to offer an activity sheet too.

    1. Thanks, Susanna! Yes, this poem was just a quick frolic — I was desperate to get one written before the sunflowers died and I’d have to wait another year! Hoping I can keep up with the activity sheets…takes a bit of work, as you know! 🙂

  2. I love the poem but the performance was fabulous! The look down at the sunflower at the end was priceless! Where did you find this field of sunflowers? I know you’re to say something like, “Oh it’s just down the road past the castle and make a right at the olive grove.” Jealous!

    1. Wow, that’s EXACTLY where the sunflower field is! Thanks for the kudos on the performance. I’m a little rusty. If you like that look (and so glad you noticed, fellow thespian!), you should see the ones I edited out in the beginning when I was chasing bugs away. I gave that sunflower a good swat and blew on all the petals.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Renee. I’m intrigued by yours. You have some really cool stuff here. I loved your sunflower poem. I think my grade 1s would enjoy the activity sheets, too. Thank you.
    Grade ONEderful

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