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Back in 2012, we had a poet-a-palooza for the anthology of sports poems And the Crowd Goes Wild, edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte and Heidi Bee Roemer. And now…Carol-Ann’s back! This time she’s bringing us a smorgasbord of food poems to munch and savor, so let’s get on with the feast!

Carol-Ann Hoyte and DEAR TOMATO
Carol-Ann Hoyte and DEAR TOMATO

Dear Tomato: An International Crop of Food and Agriculture Poems is a tasty collection that brings together over 50 poems by 34 poets from around the English-speaking world — including many of our Poetry Friday pals! The poems are served in a range of different moods and forms, like any good cornucopia should be, and are garnished with the lovely black-and-white photography of Norie Wasserman.



NOW LET’S EAT: Four international courses of video poetry

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this anthology than with a buffet of poetry videos, from the NWR table to yours. And what delicious morsels they are! I am thrilled to welcome four of the poets from Dear Tomato, who braved the elements — and some ponies! — to bring you these treats. So tie on your bib and sharpen your cutlery. The waiter will be around to take your drink orders shortly.

Cindy Breedlove-picCINDY BREEDLOVE (United States)

…writes poetry, gardens and watches birds in Indiana. She has had poems published in several children’s magazines and four anthologies.


Photo (c) Norie Wasserman. From DEAR TOMATO, ed. Carol-Ann Hoyte.


Tiffany Stone-pic


…is a children’s poet and the author of three collections of humorous verse, as well as a brand-new rhyming picture book called Teatime. She has had poems published in children’s magazines and is a contributing poet to And the Crowd Goes Wild: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems and, of course, Dear Tomato. Tiffany lives in the countryside in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, with her husband and three children. She loves to eat veggies grown in her own front yard! You can visit her online at


Photo (c) Norie Wasserman. From DEAR TOMATO, ed. Carol-Ann Hoyte.


J H Rice-bio

JH RICE (England)

…is a former primary school headteacher who writes educational materials for children. He has loved poetry since he was very young…which only sometimes feels like it was a long time ago.


Photo (c) Norie Wasserman. From DEAR TOMATO, ed. Carol-Ann Hoyte.


Matt goodfellow-pic


…is a poet and primary school teacher from Manchester, England. His poems have been published in magazines and anthologies worldwide. Matt’s high-energy performances and workshops have delighted, excited, and enthused thousands of children in schools, libraries, and bookshops across the UK. Visit his website at




How great was that? Thank you, poets, for contributing to this poet-a-palooza and sharing your wonderful work with us!



And here they are, all thirty-four of them! Click the links to see their work and find out more about these talented folks.

Alan Murphy (Ireland)

Ann Malaspina (United States)

April Halprin Wayland (United States) and on NWR

B.J. Lee (United States)

Bridget Magee (United States)

Buffy Silverman (United States) and on NWR

Carol Scholz (Australia)

Catherine Rondina (Canada)

Charles Waters (United States) and on NWR

Cindy Breedlove (United States)

Conrad Burdekin (England)

Cory Corrado (Canada)

Elizabeth Steinglass (United States)

Frances Hern (Canada) and on NWR

Greg O’Connell (New Zealand)

Helen Kemp Zax (United States)

J. Patrick Lewis (United States) and on NWR

JC Sulzenko (Canada)

J H Rice (England)

Kate Williams (Wales)

Ken Slesarik (United States) and on NWR

Kimberly O’Brien (England)

Mary Lee Hahn (United States) and on NWR

Matt Forrest Esenwine (United States)

Matt Goodfellow (England)

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes (United States)

Nikki Grimes (United States) and on NWR

Philippa Rae (England)

Rob Walton (England)

Robert Heidbreder (Canada)

Robert Priest (Canada)

Stephanie Salkin (United States)

Steven Withrow (United States)

Tiffany Stone (Canada)

tomato row

Many, many thanks

to Carol-Ann, Cindy, John, Tiffany, Matt, and all the DEAR TOMATO poets for joining me at No Water River and for creating this fresh-off-the-vine poetry resource! 


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See more poems in my poetry video library. All poems (c) 2015 by their respective authors. Black-and-white photographs (c) Norie Wasserman. All rights reserved. 

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  1. Thanks, Renée, for the great job in promoting the anthology and spreading the Dear Tomato love far and wide.

    1. Hi Carol,

      will you be putting together another anthology anytime soon? Happy to advertise it in PASS IT ON (I believe I’ve done this before) to attract some Australian poets.



  2. I, too, am delighted to have a poem included in this collection, and I very much enjoy all the other work in here. Carol-Ann, I hope you do it again, and Renee, thanks for this great presentation!

  3. This title is one I’ve wanted to harvest, Renee, since I learned of the call for poems! Appreciations for dipping into it so liberally. It will be a tasty time to return here and see the videos & follow links.

    From these all-delicious poems you’ve artfully placed on the summer picnic table, thinking about eating grass, from J.H. Rice, connects with my child days of wondering what the cows behind our house liked in it. (“I Would Like to Eat Grass.”)
    And the dutiful child from Cindy Breedlove, who tends peas she doesn’t even eat, is endearing.. Plus, I like the repetitions of lines. .
    (“Helping Grandma”)

    Glad to see names I know & poetry pals I hope to meet some day, among the contributors of Carol-Ann Hoyt’s carefully selected anthology.

  4. Hi Renee, Thanks for posting this. I absolutely love the videos. I love the way the poems and the poets come to life.

    Carol-Ann, I’m so honored to be included. I think the book turned out beautifully. I hope you’ll do another soon.

    1. Oh goodness, Robyn – I didn’t mean that – I meant Matt Goodfellow’s poem! I can understand why you took it that way, though. I’m sorry if anyone misconstrued my comment – I’d never try to upstage my fellow writers.

  5. What a lovely post, Renee! And, the videos are so fun. Each has a unique personality and flavor, like the writers and their work.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Renee!

    How lovely to hear these talented poets read their work and feel the words sprout to life.

    It was a thrill to be included in this anthology, along side many of my favourite poets.

  7. This was fun to read! It definitely got me out of my city and into the farm. Thanks for sharing these varied poems! It does make me want to run into a field and plant some veggies or watch cows.

  8. These are ALL wonderful, but I especially love Matt Goodfellow’s “The Old Farmer’s Song.” What a wonderful, earthy poem! Tactile and visceral, I love how it’s a lullaby as well as a declaration. Hope to see more of Matt’s work!

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