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Happy Poetry Month!

For those who don’t know what the Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem is, it is a yearly event conceived and hosted by poet Irene Latham. Each day, the poem travels to a different blog, and the blogger adds his or her line. You never know where the poem will end up, but it’s always a magical experience. At the end of the month, Irene polishes the poem and adds a title and — ta-da! — we have a collective poem written by thirty poets!

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A couple of days ago, Amy left our protagonist in the air, and it certainly does seem that she’s ready to soar. But at the same time, I understand Mark’s moment of hesitation. Having jumped out of a plane on my 30th birthday, I recognize that desire for adventure, for flight, for a giant leap into the great unknown, but I also recognize that fluttery moment just before the leap — that split second of delicious fear that shudders the body before it topples headlong out of a plane at 13,000 feet.

Today is my 50th birthday. Although I’m not parachuting today, I am reliving the exhilaration of it … and I’ve decided to pass that feeling on to our protagonist by interpreting Mark’s “yet” as an “although” and pushing her out of the plane. 

A squall of hawk wings stirs the sky.
A hummingbird holds and then hies.
If I could fly, I’d choose to be
Sailing through a forest of poet-trees.

A cast of crabs engraves the sand
Delighting a child’s outstretched hand.
If I could breathe under the sea,
I’d dive, I’d dip, I’d dance with glee.

A clump of crocuses craves the sun.
Kites soar while joyful dogs run.
I sing to spring, to budding green,
to all of life – seen and unseen.

Wee whispers drift from cloud to ear
and finally reach one divining seer
who looks up from her perch and beams —
West Wind is dreaming May, it seems.

Golden wings open and gleam
as I greet the prancing team.
Gliding aside with lyrical speed,
I’d ride Pegasus to Ganymede.

To a pied pocket, the zephyr returns
blowing soft words the seer discerns
from earthbound voyage to dreamy night,
The time is now.  I give you flight!

Yet I fear I am no kite or bird–
I lift! The world below me blurred

And now I hand the poem over to Mary Lee Hahn. Who knows where she’ll lead our soaring protagonist next…

                                       FOLLOW ALONG!
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  1. Happy happy birthday to a very beautiful soul! And you DO lift…you lift all of us with your joy and your words and your gifts. May today be full of love, Renee. Thank you for bringing us upward…in this line, and in everything you write. xoxo, a.

    1. I have to say beautiful words from Amy, can’t be beat!! Love your line and love that you are in the world. Have the best day. You do not look a day over 30!!! Big hugs. Soar, simply soar!

  2. A delightful line with so many possibilities. Happy 50th! Thanks for the gift you give to all of us with No Water River. Have a delightful day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dearest Renee, and welcome to life over 50! It’s great, and those beautiful kids of yours will keep you hopping too fast to notice anything like slowing down. Thanks for resting for a bit, though, to share this lovely line sending us all into the exhilarating sky-space. Wheeeeee…..

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Renee (it made me smile to see that you also chose to celebrate your somewhat-less-daunting milestone by hosting the progressive poem!) And like you do with everything, you left fear behind and lifted us all. Hope your day is a soaring one!

  5. Ciao Renee! Buon compleanos! Your spirit is so strong & yet, so light. Your added line makes me so happy. I cheer flight. I cheer you at this
    important time of celebration. Grazie per tutti.


  6. Happy birthday, Renee.
    What an exciting line. Love the alliteration of below and blurred and the rhyme of blurred to go with bird. Wowzer, GREAT WORK. CELEBRATE you wisdom and beauty. Thanks for a great line.

  7. Happy 50th! What a great way to celebrate — with the memory of an actual jump from a plane and a line of poetry that give you a virtual jump! Maybe in my line, I’ll make all the dreams in this poem come true!

  8. Dear Renee – I love this “lift!” I also love that you jumped from a plane on your 30th… so honored to add yet another birthday line from you to our progressive poem… you are light and joy and such a lovely presence in the world. Happy 50!! Thank you! xo

  9. Renee, a wonderful birthday it is, poetry and all. Soar to the sky! Your exuberant line has me breathless (since I do not jump out of planes). I love the thoughts behind your line and the way you pushed the poem out into the sky. The narrator is enjoying her flight of fantasy reality.

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