Poetry Monday: “Apple Pie with Synonym”



It’s lovely to be back now that fall is in the air. Summer was long and hot, and I’m looking forward to baking apple pies and making apple sauce and baking apples, and…doing other non-apple-related activities.

Now sit down, grab an apple, and let’s catch up…

There’s some new stuff in progress here at No Water River. I had BIG PLANS for my five weeks off from blogging, but I was so busy thinking about apples that I only made the tiniest dent in my to-do list. Over on your right you’ll see that I made some BIG BUTTONS to help people find their way around, and up top I’ve added drop-down menus to the navigation bar. For the poetry video library, that means people can see all the videos available, or narrow it down to videos of my original poems, or videos of poems by guest poets, or videos of classic poems. The sidebar buttons go to the entire post, complete with interviews and extension activities.

I’ve also added a RESOURCES section, which is still woefully unfinished. Step carefully, as there are loose screws and ladders strewn about. When it’s done, it will contain a really big list of children’s poets and pages for poetic forms and terms. Working on it!

On the writing front, I’ve been doing a little experimenting and horizon expanding, spurred on by the Summer Short & Sweets series of writing prompts on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog (a series she’ll thankfully be continuing throughout the year). My go-to form is the ballad verse because I love creating characters and telling little stories, like “Scaredy Cats” and “Tiny Tina Tinseltooth.” But I’ve been feeling the need to break free, so I’ve been dabbling in various forms, writing shorter poems, and playing with language. The poem parodies I recently posted also did wonders for freeing up the right side of my brain — I highly recommend giving parody a chance!

I’m not quite ready to debut a villanelle — and I didn’t stray too far in today’s poem — but I did try to have some fun with language and “write tight” in a shorter form. I hope you like them apples, and please do not crunch loudly during the presentation.

(Can’t see the video? REFRESH your screen or watch it on YouTube here!) 


apple pie with synonym
smothered in vanilla ice cream

took some on a picnic
down by the backyard stream

sliced a thick slice, really big
set it on a wrapkin

had three bites and heard a buzz–
bumblebees attackin’!

jumping, thumping, “Buzz off, bees!”
sat down, flusterated

reached for apple pie…not there?
antonyms must’a ate it

Extension Activities: “Apple Pie with Synonym”

NEXT WEEK: David L. Harrison and some cowboys!

Just add synonym!

Video Location: Apple Pie Avenue, Tuscany.

See more poems in my poetry video library.
“Apple Pie with Synonym” Copyright © 2012 Renée M. LaTulippe. All rights reserved.  

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  1. I think you were so clever in the synonym/antonym beginning & ending of the poem, Renee. And I like the idea of working out new words is fun, & will be good to share with students. I expect they will get flusterated, but that’s okay, that means good thinking, too! I like all your new buttons, & the drop down menus. You have been working! Thanks for the poem.

  2. Excellent poem, Renee! Love it! Also love autumn and all things apple, especially baked things apple! I really like your big buttons and your drop down menus and I’m totally jealous because I can’t figure out how to do them on blogger!

    1. There must be a button to push somewhere on Blogger that will give you drop-downs, Susanna! I admit, I had to fiddle with it a bit to get it to work here… Have some pie – that usually solves everything.

  3. Watch out for those antonyms!
    They’re tricky little gems!
    Any chance they have to eat
    a synonym–it’s such a treat!

    Lovin’ the new doodaddies on your website!!! And your poem is so creative, as usual. Delightful!

  4. So this is what five weeks of not having the time to really work on a project looks like? The graphics on the buttons are quite nice. I love how your resource page is progressing. There will be lots of clicking on that page, I’m sure. Now for your poem, I love it! It is such fun! What a super activity for kids. They love creating new words! Love what you’ve done. Great job, Renee!

    1. Well, I just have lots of other ideas to make the site as useful as possible, but my free time is what it is! Sigh, little by little.

      So glad you enjoyed the poem and activity ideas. I think kids would hve fun with it!

  5. Brava! I’ve been sneaking peeks at your site the last few weeks, trying to stay out of the way of the saws and extension cords and boards and such. It looks wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing this perfect ready-for-fall poem. I like them apples, a lot! Really clever. (And I’m wanting to pick those little black and white apple graphics, too….)

  6. Cinnamon is hard enough to say– never mind synonym. I think I’ll be mixing them up from now on but it was worth watching you recit your fun poem. Loved the surprise ending!

  7. Renee, your poem is crisp and clean and juicy and a little tart, just the way an apple should be! I love “flusterated” and oh you got me with those antonyms in the last stanza. Well done! I also love the big buttons. There is always SOMETHING to be done, isn’t there? just don’t let it keep you from this very important work: you, writing poems. xo

    1. @ Dana – Merci, mon amie! (ma amie?) How do you say cinnamon in French?

      @ Irene – So true, all the little picky things take SO much time. You’re right though — better a little disarray than no new poems! Thanks for you kind words!

      1. Here in CNY apple country this poem will be a hit with many teachers. Sorry so late in checking this post!! Teachers are in for some amazing treats here with your creative and enticing work, Renee! Merci! Can’t wait to share this with my friends.

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